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Helpful Hints for Wreath Buyers

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Thank you in advance for taking time to visit Pink Clover Wreath Company's selection of wreaths and arrangements.  If this is your first visit to our store, I thought of a few helpful hints to pass along to you for your wreath purchases.

When you receive your wreath from us, and before your open the box, remember your shipping box is a great storage for your wreath.  We highly recommend retaining your box for this purpose.  Two ties are attached inside the box and are used to protect and secure your wreath into place.  Untie the two ties from your wreath and lift it from the box.  A thin silk ribbon will be tied to the center backside of each wreath to loop onto your wreath hanger.

Shipping can be a rough ride for your product so don't be afraid to re-fluff your flowers and stems if needed.   If your design has a bow, run your fingers inside each loop to round them out. 

We will be offering "Signature Design" items which will include our popular pink or black and white check logo colors.  "MacKenzie-Childs"  is our customer's favorite courtly check designer ribbon!

Again....welcome, and thanks for shopping with us!



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